SoPro's Exchange Policy
What is SoPro’s Exchange policy?

SoPro’s offers a 15 day No-Questions-Asked Exchange Policy. We mean what we say! All you need to do is give us a call on +91-(0)22-28939325 (10am to 7pm) or drop an email at [email protected] within a period of 15 days, from the date of order.

However, exchange of products will be accepted only if the products are returned in a saleable condition with the seal unbroken intact and in their original packaging, in an clean label with no scratches or wear n tear to the jar condition.

Which items can I exchange?

Almost every returnable product is exchangeable.

Is exchange available in my area?

Currently exchange is operational in areas where we can arrange pick up. Please give us a call on +91-(0)22-28939325 (10am to 7pm) to check if exchange is available in your area or not. We are working constantly to bring exchange in your area.

What items can I buy in exchange?

Almost every returnable product can be bought in exchange. The final price of exchanged products should be equal to or more than the price of returned items

How soon can I expect the exchanged product?

Exchanged product is dispatched as soon as the returned item/s has passed product inspection. Generally delivery of exchange order is expected within 5 days post pickup of returned item/s. In case of any unexpected delay, we will keep you informed by email and SMS.

Can I exchange my product for an item of lesser value?

No, your exchange order value should be equal to or more than the return item/s value.

Will I be charged for exchange?

Nominal shipping charges will be applicable. COD and shipping charges are non-refundable.

Can I buy multiple items in exchange for a single product?

Yes, you can buy any number of items in exchange provided the final price of exchanged products should be equal to or more than the price of returned items.

Can I re-exchange?

If you are still dissatisfied with the product, you can again exchange the product for any item (covered in exchange policy ).

Can I cancel the exchange?

If you wish to cancel your exchange order, get in touch with Customer Care as soon as possible with your order number. As long as your order has not been dispatched we can cancel it and refund your amount.

If your order has been dispatched but yet to be delivered, please do not accept delivery and contact Customer Care to inform them of the same. Refunds will be processed as per our Return policies.