Our Story

The SoPro Story

We all have dreams to fulfill, ambitions to achieve, a life of happiness to enjoy. But what is life without health? What is life if we live along like a car with no fuel to run on, gasping on the last dregs of nutrients in our tank?

For a life of health and happiness, we need to maintain the balance of nutrients in our body. From carbohydrates, to proteins and vitamins, the body needs it all.

We Indians have a diet that is rich in carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. What we fall behind in, is Proteins. Human body cannot synthesize protein on its own, nor can it store it for long. It has to be taken daily as some part of our diet.

And that is where the SoPro story begins.

SoPro is an all-natural protein supplement that provides the right protein combination to different sections of the population. We offer 2 major segments of our product with a separate focus on men and women.

SoPro Nutri Pvt Ltd is a company with a cause to build a healthy India.

  • SoPro Nutri Pvt Ltd. Has launched new range of health drinks in the FMCG/Functional Foods market segment. SoPro has a variety of protein based health drink products which will be first set of products introduced into the market.
  • Further there are plans to develop other variants like nutrition bars, breakfast cereals, snack foods etc. These products will also promote a healthy alternative to your otherwise eating habits.
  • SoPro believes that protein is very crucial for a healthy lifestyle today and needs to be a compulsory part of one’s daily diet.
  • The mission story at SOPRO - to provide protein supplements to all, from children to the old. Men and women, pregnant women, diabetics, sportsmen/women, athletes, gym and fitness training etc. SoPro will offer the right kind of protein combination and complete suitable nutrient for each category of consumers.
Production & Process Mgmt:
  • SoPro is being Manufactured in a state of art facility at Vasai, Palghar Dist. and it had more than 10 yrs of manufacturing experience.
  • We have FSSAI approval & ISO 22000 certified production facility.
  • SoPro uses all natural products. Our range of Protein Shakes is made from all natural protein sources, which are nutrient rich. Sourcing of the material is done from accredited suppliers and each ingredient goes through stringent testing process before its okay for production.
  • Each batch which is produced is coded and tagged with backup samples for complete traceability.
Storage & Packaging:

We've adopted the same standards as per FSSAI Food safety regulations. All our ingredients are developed by qualified experts and put through rigorous quality control checks. We choose from the best nutraceutical and food grade ingredients and ensure they're packaged with care. We are following rules provided by the Food safety standards authority on packaging and processing of all ingredients and we are regularly inspected.

Quality Assurance:

We rigorously test every single ingredient on the way into our manufacturing unit. This is to give you the confidence that every product of SoPro that you buy meets the stringent quality attributes and label claims.
Their independent testing means our products adhere to ISO22000 & FSSAI verifications done by a FDA accredited lab. Ensuring every product produced meets our high quality specifications. Any brand can claim their products are of the highest quality - but here at SoPro we invest in the best quality standards and have these confirmed by FDA approved and certified individual labs.

The Protein Story: Its Creation...

The word Protein comes from the Greek Proteos, meaning the first one or the most important one. Protein is truly the body’s most important building block. Our life takes place in proteins, and we store vital information in proteins. When we learn something, it happens by changes in protein structures. When we propagate our genes and pass them along to the next generation, it also takes place through proteins. We grow, we change, and our entire lives occur in proteins.

What are amino acids?

There are 21 different amino acids from which all animal and plant proteins on earth are constructed. Eight of these 21 amino acids are known as essential amino acids, because our body is incapable of synthesizing them. Consequently we must obtain these eight amino acids through our diet. Therefore it is not the quantity of protein per se that is critical for our metabolism, but rather its quality, and the nature of its constituent amino acids.

Dr. Wolf Funfack: Nutrition Basics - An Introduction to the Success Program. © Metabolic Balance 2011; All Rights Reserved.

How well do you know your proteins?

Proteins available in food supplements and can be categorized in two kinds mainly. One being Dairy Protein and the other being plant Protein. In dairy proteins, we have SMP (Skimmed Milk Powder), Casein and Whey Protein. In plant proteins we have Soy Protein, Pea Protein, Wheat Protein and Rice Protein.

We at SoPro are focusing our attention on whey proteins and soy protein.

Whey Protein: Whey is a natural Protein. Whey protein is produced during the process of making cheese; the curds are used to make cheese, leaving behind whey protein in the liquid portion. It is highly recommended protein for improving health in many different regions of the world.

Whey protein today is the most popular protein, particularly for body builders. It has an excellent profile of amino- acids and a high level of Branched chain of amino –acid (BCAA). It is absorbed fast by the body and therefore it is essential to build broken muscles after intense workout.

Soy Protein: Soy Protein is the most popular plant protein. China, Japan and the south East Asian Countries, soy is more popular for ages as they have been cooking many homemade foods like miso and Tempeh from soybeans. Many Soy based foods are also commercially available in these countries.

Soybean was introduced in India about half a century ago and has picked up popularity in various Soy based foods and protein supplements.

Soy is comprised of 30% carbohydrate (15% of this is fiber), 38% protein, 18% oil (85% of this unsaturated), and 14% moisture11. Soy contains all nine essential amino-acids, in the perfect ratio for health and well-being.

Soy's other nutritional functions include providing a respectable amount of potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin-E, phosphorous as well as the full B-complex11.

Blended Proteins: This is a new trend catching up waves of mixing various proteins to get the best advantage of various proteins with different amino-acid combinations. We are familiar with Multi-grain Atta and other products, blended vegetable oils, then why not Blended Proteins.

At ‘Sopro’, we are concentrating on blending of dairy proteins such as whey protein and SMP along with Soy Protein and observe that the consumer can get many advantages.

Used together in an exercise regimen, soy and whey proteins complement each other well. Whey protein, as mentioned, is high in branched chain amino acids, used as an important energy source by the body during exercise, while soy protein has high amounts of the amino acids arginine and glutamine.

Arginine is well known as a stimulant of anabolic hormones that stimulate muscle formation, while glutamine is considered essential during metabolic stress.

Athletes who incorporate both soy and whey protein in their nutritional regimens may benefit from their different rates of digestion and amino acid absorption. Whey protein digests more quickly, while soy protein digests more gradually.